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Word Count for May 13...

Time to sound off Group 8, how we all doin'?

Word count

for 10, 11, 12th.

Seriously, Now that my son's birthday party is over, I should be more up-to-date on this.

Guys, I am sorry to be so bad about it.

Word Count for May 9

Word Count for May 9...

Word Count for May 8

How goes the word count for the 8th, Team 8?

Name Poll!

Poll #1184588 Choose a name for Group 8!

What should be the name for Group 8?

The Gnomes
The Insanes
The Insane Gnome Party
The Crazy 8s
Or, how bout somethin' else!

Word Count May 7

I'm sorry! I'm late!

Word counts for May Seventh here! Thanks.

Word Count May 6

Hey, all!

I have counted that there are five of us doing the game. If that is wrong, please let me know.

Let me know your word count for May 6 here!

Word count


As I asked, and got answers, and then didn't do anything with them, I am going to ask again.

Please (oh, please) put your word count for the last five days (counting today) in a comment, by day if you can.

If you can't, that's fine. Put your total words as of today. If you're not sure, there's a great word count generator on the main summerwrite comm that can help out by a lot.

If you're all interested, too, I can put the word count you should be at for each day (unless that's too depressing, which I can also understand).

When you comment with your word count (and this is EVERY time), please state if you are NOT playing the game. It carries no stigma, but I do need to know whether to include your word count in the daily post on the main comm.

Thanks, and good luck, everyone!

I can share!

Deep in the labyrinth like lair, beneath the loam and soil, a voice rang out. Darkness could almost be seen creeping from the sound of it. Evil resonated with its movements. It reeked of vile, inhuman, destruction.



I just wanted to share just a little bit of what i've been writing.

Update and a suggestion/question :)

Hey guys, just wanted to see how everyone was doing. Ive actually had a really productive day writing wise. After a few days of either writing nothing or little bits, ive finally written a decent amount that im actuall quite proud of lol (2234 words today!!!) I finally feel like im in the challenge now and am starting to get a feel of what my story is gonna be about and where its headed. Anyway the prologue is now done so its onto the meat of the story.

Another thing i was wondering was, further to andersonmom's post, should we have like a daily word count post each day similar to the summerwrite comm. This way we can collect our daily group word counts together and post them in the summerwrite comm as i dont think we've done that yet and were already on day three. Im just floatin the suggestion out there so let me know what you think. Im all for it, then we can enter the group competition properly and hopefully it will act as good encouragement for us all to complete our personal goals :)